Guide to BUYING:

Region Fine Art offers a variety of ways to buy artwork. We have a wide array of Contemporary Artists and Historical Artists in our Gallery. You can also bid on several Online & Live Auctions throughout the year. Annually we hold 1 to 2 important Live Art Auctions in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Online Bidding for these auctions is also available through

If you wish to bid on an online art auction; please use our Registration form available on our website. If you already have one, please sign in. Once, this is done you are free to bid on any current auctions. If you happen to win an auction; we will contact you within a couple of days of the auction to process the payment and arrange shipping if needed.

To buy artwork through the Gallery, once you see a piece you like please use our CONTACT US page to email us. This is located under the ABOUT US tab at the top of our website. If you would prefer to give us a call please call 1-204-641-1594.


Guide to SELLING:

Region Fine Art offers several methods to selling your artwork. Whether you are an Artist looking to market your artwork or if you have a painting that you bought and wish to sell or have a collection you would like sold properly. Some Artworks benifit from selling through a gallery and online listed with a specific purchase price and others will benifit from selling through an Art Auction. Many times we know the collector that will be the most interested in a specific piece and we can broker a deal to get you exactly what you need fairly quickly. Other times an auction is best if there are several interested parties.

The more rare and important the artist or work is the needs will change. To sell artwork use the CONTACT US page to tell us a bit about who you are and what you are looking at selling. We will then email or call back to discuss your options and the potential the artwork has with us.